I’m back, baby!

Alright folks, my mom took a bit of hiatus from blogging, but she’s back! See, we had a lot going on the past few months or so and it made blogging hard. We moved, mom went on vacation, I got neutered, we had the holidays, the winter was dark and cold (she says that doesn’t help anything), and in general there was just a lot happening. But now that things are more typical, she’s going to be back to tell you all about my silly antics, and she’ll even sprinkle in some other random doggo related things.

For this week I’m going to leave you with some pictures that will get you through until we’re back at it next week. I hear the first story up is about tug-o-war. I’m sure that’ll be good because boy do I love me some tug-o-war!

In the meantime, you can also check-out my Instagram since mom posts pictures there almost everyday. If fact, I’ve even considered requesting a modeling fee since she loves to post so many pictures of my handsome self. I hope she doesn’t try to counter with lots of love… so typical!


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