I am a present opening expert

Guys, I don’t mean to brag, but if you’ve got presents to open – I will be the best at getting that job done! I learned about my new little skill come Christmas morning. Yes, yes, I had dabbled in present opening on my birthday a week earlier, but that was just getting my feet wet. Come Christmas morning I managed to perfect the skill. I’m so good I even managed to amass a crowd. And let me tell you something, they loved it!

It all started when we woke up on Christmas morning and there were presents under the tree. Naturally I wanted to sniff these out and take a shall we say, taste – however, that was yet to come.  So mom loaded me into the car and I had about an hour to figure out how I was going to get those presents open.

Well, once we arrived to the house I suddenly found there were more presents! More paper, more bows, and more opportunity to feel that glorious destruction feeling between my teeth. Sadly, the time had not yet come for presents to be opened. Instead I had to be patient and wait through small talk, people wanting to pet me, and people eating dinner. The anticipation was getting to me by that point so I made sure to try and counter surf a bit. We all know that’s one of my favorite activities.

Finally the time had come and everyone gathered excitedly around the tree and I was there with them, ready to put on a show. Mom put the first present in front of me and I did not disappoint. I grabbed that box and managed to rip the paper off in record time. It was pretty great because whatever was inside was actually for me. However, I was more interested in continued destruction of the box, which everyone thought was pretty amazing.

Mom ended up taking the box away and then I just had present after present presented to me. Everyone was in stitches from laughing so hard because of the amazing job I was doing. After each present was opened I made sure to push away whatever was inside and do my best to destroy the vessel that had carried the gift. I don’t know why people got gifts for each other, everyone could have been just as happy with boxes as I was.

Eventually the gifts were done so I had to jump into the all the paper and bows and try to get my fair share before it was carted off. I did manage to sneak a box off into a corner and rip it to pieces before someone caught on, and it was worth it. Maybe next Christmas people will remember this and there will just be an unending supply of wrapped boxes.

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