I have been betrayed!

Alright everyone, I have some shocking news to report. I have been betrayed, and I am sad to report it was by my own mother. Let me embark (see what I did there) on a story of how this betrayal occurred and what the fallout was.

It all started on an average Thursday morning. Mom got up, we went outside, she got ready for work, and everything seemed normal. It started to feel a bit strange when she took me outside to get in the car. I mean, it was Thursday, what was I doing going somewhere on a Thursday morning? Anyway, I decided to act happy because I love going places with mom. However, when we showed up at the vet I thought it was quite odd. I mean, I’m healthy and everything was feeling great. I am young and spry and there was no need to be here. Well it got even more, shall we say, questionable, when mom left me at the vet. I don’t mean to make myself sound needy, but I do not like to be without mom.

Well before you know it I woke up and discovered something awesome, something terrible had happened. Guys, I woke up with some stitches in a very, shall we say, sensitive place. Let me tell you this, you do not want stitches there. Anyway, I had to stay at the vet for a while because I guess my “mother” was at work. When she picked me up that afternoon I kind of acted excited to see her, but I was also a bit aloof because of the betrayal. I hope she understood the message by the lack of my typical greeting – which usually is geared towards kisses.

When we got home I decided it was time to continue my expression of annoyance. That night I am proud to report I did not let Mom sleep. I mean, part of it was trying to sleep with a stupid cone around my neck, but the other part was proving a point. During the night I made sure to move as much as possible. I would occasionally go to mom’s side of the bed and get her attention, and then I would promptly walk away. Other moments I would chase the cat, which I’m sure was super great for her at 2am. I also made sure to loudly try and dig a hole in my blanket, my bed, and anything else I could find. I also tried to jump on the bed multiple times because it seemed to annoy her the most; she kept repeating something about that being bad for me, but whatever, she was going to get the full brunt of my frustration.

The day after this betrayal we went to the store and mom got me a more comfortable cone. I’m pleased to report this did make things a bit better, but I made sure to not let her sleep again. I mean she wasn’t letting me jump and run and play, so I had a lot of pent up energy when it was time for her to rest her head.

Let’s just say I decided to continue a bit of this routine for the next week. It didn’t matter how much medicine she gave me to help me feel sleepy, I was not going to let her live this down for a while. I did not like sleeping in the cone and I made sure she knew that. In the past few days I’ve started to let things slide a bit, but I have yet forgotten. For now I’m back to my kissy self. However, mother should be weary of the next time a betrayal occurs, because she now knows I’m good at producing sleepless nights.

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