Mom went on vacation. I didn’t like it.

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I’ve decided I am not a fan of mom being on vacation. I felt like something strange was happening last week when mom was packing this big bag. I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening so I made sure to take a lot of socks from the bag. I figured she was putting them there for me to play with anyway.

Well, it became even more strange when my friend came to stay with us that night. I thought we were having a party so I was really excited. I was happily giving kisses, chasing the ball, and playing hide-and-seek. Then, without warning in the early hours of the morning something terrible happened… mom grabbed that bag and left! I do not like it when mom leaves the house on a normal day, but this moment just didn’t feel right. I mean first of all it was WAY before I should have woken up in the morning and on top of that mom never leaves the house with taking me outside. Something just wasn’t right.

Naturally I waited for her to return and it didn’t happen. I began to grow anxious and became pretty mopey. I’m glad my friend was still at the house with me, but boy did I feel sad. Then later that night my friend answered the phone and I heard mom’s voice. I got really excited and began to kiss and jump on my friend, but I still couldn’t figure out where mom was. A bit later my friend set the iPad down on the floor and all of the sudden I saw mom’s face! It was the greatest day. However, I still couldn’t find her! I checked behind the iPad but she wasn’t there. I tried bite the iPad case and dig at the floor, just in case I could get to her, but no luck. I was so sad and couldn’t figure out what was happening.

This routine went on for 5 days! Five agonizing days of me only hearing her voice and seeing her on a screen. All I wanted were my mom’s loves and hugs but I didn’t have them! I was quite beside myself.

Well, at 12:30am on Sunday morning it became the greatest day ever. I heard a knock, a push of the door, and suddenly a figure appeared… and lo and behold it was mom! She was standing right there, in the flesh! I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. Naturally I jumped and cried and tried to lick her skin off. I was so excited that I even tried to her eat her chin at one point! I’m so happy she came back because I don’t know what I would do without mom. I think the feeling was mutual because I heard her say something about never leaving me again and that I’m going to go on vacation with her next time. I hope mom learned her lesson about being away from me because I’m never letting it happen again.

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