My First Thanksgiving

Ok guys, I did it, I had my first Thanksgiving. And while the day was grand I am sad to report that I did not get to steal any turkey this time. Instead mom let people give me a couple bites, but she mostly frowned upon it because I’ve turned into a bit of a beggar. And by a bit of a beggar, I mean that I will get up in your face and try to steal whatever is about to go into your mouth! And I’ve got hops, so tall chairs and standing isn’t much of an issue.

Anyway, moving on from that. Thanksgiving turned out to be a pretty good holiday for me. I got to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and spend the day in non-stop motion. I mean there were people to greet, people to bark at, people to jump on, and most of all a giant yard for playing. I ended up chasing the Frisbee a lot, because well, you know me, I love my Frisbee.

When it came time to eat dinner I thought I’d play it low-key like I did during the summer, so I hung back as people sat down and I just kind of walked the kitchen a bit, you know, no big deal. I made sure to give people some adorable smiles so they knew I was cute and unsuspecting. However, as I attempted to do a couple counter grazes someone always said my name, and not in an “Oh, Ollie, you’re so cute and adorable and I love you so much” kind of way. Instead it was more in a “Hey, what is happening” way. Personally, I took the new tone as a someone being serious about how amazing I was, so I made sure to graze the counter quite a few times.

After my attempts were unsuccessful I finally made my way to the dinner table and that’s where I got a few scraps. I made sure to avoid mom because I knew she wouldn’t be the one doling out the scraps. She’s so structured, it’s quite annoying.

After dinner I ran and chased that Frisbee to my little hearts content. I didn’t care that it was raining and that I was a sopping wet mess after, all I knew is that my Frisbee was flying and I had to get it! When I came home that evening I was so tired that I actually slept with my Kong. I mean I legit I curled up with and went to sleep. Mom thought it was adorable. So now that this Thanksgiving was a success I’m looking forward to my second. Maybe next year I’ll steal a roll!

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