This dark… I need my walks

So, recently I heard there has been a time change. All I know is that mom now goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark. In fact, A LOT of my outside trips are in the dark. The only time we get to spend time in the light together is at lunch and on the weekends. It’s all very confusing.

There must be something about this darkness because I haven’t been going to the park as much, or even on walks. Naturally I’ve been acting a little bit, shall we say, bonkers, to let mom know that we should do something. I started by not going to bed at night, then taking forever to settle down in the evening, and now I’m resorting to more stalking and chasing of the cat. I do believe that last one is getting on mom’s nerves. But hey, what is a puppy to do!

In place of all my typical outside activities I have noticed mom has been working my mental skills a bit more. We practice skills and tricks morning, lunch, and evening. I’ve been learning some new things and mom seems proud, but really what I want to do is go for a run outside. I think mom hopes that the more mental stimulation she does with me the sleepier I’ll feel, but so far I’ve been fighting that. I’m hoping this darkness will go away soon, but in the meantime I can see the cats tail around the corner, and I’ve got to tend to that…

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