So, moving is stressful

Hey guys, so let me tell you, moving kind of stinks! Over the past few weeks I started to notice a change around the house, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Naturally I was nervous, so I tried to eat a couple box corners, but I was quickly shushed away from doing that. Then I went through a period of not knowing what was going on when suddenly there were TONS of boxes everywhere. I decided I would mope a bit more so maybe someone would tell me what was going on. I remember going to the park a lot to get out some energy during this time.

Well, eventually a big day came where two guys came into the house and started taking everything away. I of course had to bark at these men the entire time because 1) I don’t like other men around my mom and 2) I don’t like strangers in the house – or even at the door for that matter. During that time mom spent a couple hours trying everything she could to keep me quiet… I got a lot of treats. They were delicious. Her efforts worked a bit, but each time someone came up the stairs she had to be alerted!

Eventually the men left and finally I relaxed. But what came next was something I didn’t even expect. All of mom’s boxes were now in a new place, and I didn’t know this place at all. Sure I had no problem sniffing around and scoping things out, but the real anxiety kicked in whenever mom left for even a second. Whenever she would leave I had to bark uncontrollably until she came back. This meant for 4 days she was by my side pretty much 24/7. There were a couple periods where she did have to leave, and the one long stretch which left me barking for six hours. I heard mom was really stressed out during this time and worried about me, but no one was more stressed than me!

I remember at one point mom had to go to the neighbors and explain something about my anxiety and she promised the barking would stop when I settled in. It’s easy to say I was not happy about being in a new place.

However, I was eventually able to settle a bit and slowly but surely my barking started to decline from hours on in, to just sporadic. Now I’m back to barking only when I need to alert mom to something, or when I’m giving her sass. I’ve also decided the new place isn’t so bad after all. I mean, I have mom with me and what could be better than that?


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