Happy Halloween! Am I the Gorton’s Fisherman?

Hey all, so fall is upon us and I have found that I get completely, as my mom would say, “disgustingly soggy” when I go outside. I suppose living in the great Pacific Northwest means that we have the endure the rain for the next six months; but with my handy new raincoat I think I can make that happen.

See, I don’t mind the rain, at all. Not even a little bit. In fact, I love being outside so much that I simply have to rub up against bushes, splash through puddles (despite hating water), and sometimes even lay in the sopping wet dirt. This means that there have been a few moments where I come inside a bit, shall we say, less than clean. I think what’s really to blame here is my amazing naturally long locks. Being completely disgusting is just a small price to pay to sport this beautiful tri-color coat.

Anyway, my mom thought getting this rain coat (see adorable pictures below) would be the perfect solution to avoiding dirt on her white couch and bedding. I think mom is happy with the results so far. All I have to do now is sit and have my paws wiped off, which is a lot better than being wiped down from head to toe each time I come inside.

I’ll even have to admit, I kind of like the rain coat. I mean, every time I see it come out I know it means I get to go outside. And honestly, what’s better than getting to go outside? And you want to know a bonus of the rain coat… I get even more attention on walks than normal! I’m basically a magnet in this glorious yellow jacket.

So for now I’ll go ahead and continue to sport my awesome new threads, but I am going to hope that boots are not the next venture my mother decides to try.


PS – My mom didn’t get me a Halloween Costume so I think she’s probably going to try and pull the raincoat off as a costume in itself. 🙂




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