So, about that time mom broke my tooth off

Alright folks, it’s time for a harrowing tale of the most extreme type: Dentistry. Ok, maybe the dentist wasn’t actually involved, but I definitely went to the vet, so it’s close enough.

See, back when I was a wee little pup, about 4 months old, mom broke my tooth off… right out of my mouth! I remember the day clearly because it was the day I received my first Frisbee. Oh the joy that was waiting for me.

Anyway, like any other good dog, I enjoy a good game of tug-o-war. I typically win at this game, but I don’t want to brag. Well, on this day in question some may say the Frisbee won.

See, mom had thrown the Frisbee for me a couple times and I was having the best of days. After one of the throws I decided I would hold on tight and give a good tug. This of course turned into a game and mom was playing along with me. We were having a great time and that’s when the situation went a bit awry.

I was determined to hold onto this Frisbee, and since I was little I didn’t know “drop it.” So that’s when mom ended up pulling the Frisbee a bit harder and within a blink of an eye it snapped my lower canine tooth right off! Boy was that a sound! Now, being resilient, and let’s be honest, more interested in the Frisbee than anything else, I moved on quickly. I smacked my lips a few times like “WTF happened,” but then I was ready to play again. The only problem now, was mom.

I look up and I see mom having what can only be described as a melt-down. She was a “hot mess of tears” as she would say, and she kept trying to hug me and say she was sorry. I was trying to get away because I just wanted my Frisbee, but mom kept insisting that everything was ok. Well, I knew it was ok! Apparently, there was blood and whatnot, but again, I just wanted my Frisbee.

So, despite my insistence to play with the Frisbee, before I knew it I was at the vet office. That’s when Mom found out that she did indeed snap my puppy tooth off at the root, but that everything should be ok… as long as my adult tooth pushed it out. So over the next month or so there was a daily check of the inside of my mouth, which is annoying, but everything worked out ok. To this day mom will play only minor games of tug-o-war with me, and it’s never with the Frisbee.

Ollie eating bed

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