Losing your puppy pictures

To the people out there who love pictures, taking pictures, and capturing most moments, I’m talking to you. You know how important and valuable those pictures are to you. I’ve analyzed that if my house was burning down I would grab the pets and the drive with the pictures. Everything else can be replaced. But those pictures, to me, are priceless.

A little over a month in of having Ollie, I experienced sudden iPhone death. I remember my phone started rebooting and I figured I’d let the battery die. Eventually it worked for a hot second, and then no longer. I remember that day I had taken the first video of Ollie playing with another puppy, and minutes after that is when it stopped completely. I spent hours trying to get this phone out of the reboot cycle, but it was to no avail. Tears were shed and words of reassurance were provided, but that didn’t seem to make anything better.

It may seem silly, but this was devastating because all I could think about were my pictures. I didn’t care about the cost of the phone, having to go through the hassle of replacing it, nothing like that. All I wanted were pictures. It was made all the harder being fairly confident I hadn’t backed up my phone since getting Ollie, which looking back I can’t believe I did that.

I eventually looked at my last back-up but as expected it was before Ollie, so that meant I had very little left of our first 1 ½ months together. I was able to pull some photos from iMessage (thank you apple products for syncing up) and social media, but that was it. Everything was lost, and it felt terrible.

I know losing pictures is no comparison to any type of real tragedy, but for someone who cherishes a photo, it sure feels devastating. I haven’t yet been to someone who can try to recover things, but that will come eventually. For now I have a few photos and videos that I can review, but I am very thankful that most importantly I’ll never lose the actual memories

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