I’m sorry, did you just stick your tongue up my nose?

So yeah, this happened.

I had no idea when bringing home a puppy how many totally disgusting things they may actually do during the course of a day. I mean, I know animals are animals, and I’ve been around puppies, but when it’s yours and you’re with them all day, you notice, or experience, way more.

Ollie has the licking gene, which means he tries to lick anyone that’s within a three foot radius of him. He’ll get close to you and the tongue comes out!  In fact, I’m convinced that he’d meet a crocodile and think, “Oh, hey friend, don’t mind me but I’m just going to give that cute snout of yours a nice lickaroo.”

We’ve come to learn that within 30 seconds of waking up Ollie must complete his obligatory fifty licks to whatever body part he can reach. Legs, toes, face, hands, doesn’t matter to this guy. So I don’t know why I expected that his happy tongue fest would diminish with playing.

On the day in question we were playing on the ground and Ollie was crawling all over us. Well, apparently my reflexes are not fast enough, or I just didn’t expect what would take place, but without any warning I felt a slimy wet dog tongue make its way up my nostril. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but it’s a fairly traumatic moment. I instantly jumped up in disbelief, jumping around the room at the disgusting event that took place. For a solid hour my nostril felt utterly disgusting and my mind just kept reliving the moment. I think it’s safe to say that it’s an event I will not forget any time soon.

What disgusting thing has your dog done?

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