Bringing Home Puppy

Bringing Home Puppy

March 9th 2018 will be a day that is forever etched into my memories. Four days prior to that is when I had picked out Ollie (well he picked me, but that’s a story for another time). I opted to wait until a Friday to bring home so there would be a nice long weekend of getting to know each other. Well, let me tell you, those four days were quite possibly the longest days I’ve ever experienced. Ever. I was actually sick to my stomach with anticipation for those four days. No joke, I could barely eat and sleep.

My after work evenings were filled with making sure I had everything I needed for puppy. I was so excited that it took me forever just to figure out which leash and harness I wanted to start him out with. Would he be a dog that looks good in blue? In Green? Can I get away with purple! Up next I started the arduous process of trying to pick out a food. What toys would be good for a puppy to not hurt himself on, and so on. By Thursday evening I was crawling out of my skin with excitement. It was less than 24 hours before I brought this precious little nugget into our lives.

The next day I had to make it through a half day at work before I made the journey across town to the farm where Ollie was. I remember walking into that barn, opening the door, and there he was, my sweet little puppy. This little puppy that I suddenly felt like my whole world was revolving around. As soon as he saw me he did a happy dance and jumped up into my arms. It was meant to be.

We made our walk out to the car. I learned my first lesson in Mini Aussie’s right then, that they will follow you once they pick you. This little dude was following me as I walked to my car, like he knew it was now he and I. I got him into the little carrier and buckled the carrier into the seat. We then set off for the thirty minute drive back home. He of course threw up about four minutes into the journey, so we had some cleaning to do the minute we got home.

Once the little guy and I made it home and got him all cleaned up, he was instantly bonded. We spent the afternoon snuggling and playing, and he confidently explored his new surroundings. I swear to goodness I thought my heart was going to shatter into a million pieces with how much I loved this puppy. I was literally crying because I loved him so much. I suddenly couldn’t remember what all those previous worries were because I knew right then that I would do anything for this little dude.

A couple hours later the boyfriend came home, walked up the stairs, and the first thing out of his mouth was “Oh. My. God.” Another love from first sight moment. It’s impossible not to have that moment when you meet Ollie. I’m so glad we made the decision because Ollie brings so much happiness to the world. He is truly an amazing dogger.

Ollie first day 2

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